Visitor’s Guide

  • Our Location
  • Where to Park
  • What to Bring
  • Accessibility

Our Location

We are located in Room 007 on the ground floor of UNI's Innovative Teaching and Technology Center.

  • IF COMING FROM HIGHWAY 20: Take the Hudson Road exit  (Exit 224) heading north. Turn right onto 23rd Street.
  • IF COMING FROM HIGHWAY 57:  Head southbound on Hudson Road, then turn left onto 23rd Street.
  • IF COMING FROM WAVERLY: Take Highway 58 south, exit and turn right at University Avenue. Turn right on College Street and left on 23rd Street.

We recommend you park in the Multimodal Transportation Center (parking ramp) on 23rd Street. Exam Services is located on the University of Northern Iowa Campus in the Innovative Teaching and Technology Center (ITTC). We are just north of Rod Library, and south of West 23rd Street, behind the east end of Bartlett Hall.

Come up the diagonal sidewalk from the parking lot on 23rd Street and walk directly to the ITTC. Enter the main (center) doors on the east side of the ITTC. Exam Services is located in the first office to your left, Room 007.


Where to Park

It is recommended you utilize the parking ramp (Multimodal Transportation Center) located on West 23rd Street between College Street and Mercer Avenue. Public parking is located on the top level. Note: Parking tickets are not dispensed upon arrival. Parking ramp and "Pay Station" information is located on the campus parking webpage.

What to Bring

Do not bring anything except your registration forms and proper ID(s), unless your exam guidelines state something specific (for instance, if calculators are allowed, you may bring one). Nothing is allowed in the testing room except the items we provide for you. Small lockers (with a lock and key) are provided for personal items.

All electronic devices must be shut off prior to entering the testing area and stored in a locker. You will select a locker and be asked to place all items in the keyed locker provided. Nothing can go into the testing room, except items given to you during the check-in process. You will keep the locker key while testing and return to the locker at the end of your testing session.

Accessibility for Users with Disabilities

UNI offers accommodations for ease of access to the testing office. The Multimodal Transportation Center is equipped with an elevator. The Exam Services office in the Innovative Teaching Technology Center (ITTC) Building is located on the main floor and that office can be accessed by using the electronic outside main doors and the interior office door.