Scantron Scoring for Professors


Faculty who use true/false or multiple-choice examinations for their classes will find test scoring at
Exam Services to be a valuable time saver.  This document describes our standard service and
briefly outlines the procedures for having exams scored and analyzed. 

Standard Scoring and Analysis:  Our standard system can handle tests with up to 200 items when
there are no more than five responses per question or tests with up to 120 items when there is a
maximum of 10 responses per question.  Each question must have a single correct answer.  For such
tests, Exam Services will score the test papers and produce a .pdf report, .csv GradeBook file for
importing into the eLearning/Blackboard course, and a summary statistics file all of which will be
emailed to the requester.

Forms suitable for test Scoring:  Most departmental offices maintain a supply of the standard NCS
answer sheets:  Five-response sheets come in purple, red, orange, and brown versions.  Ten-
response sheets come only in green.  Otherwise, these can be purchased from Campus Supply
(Physical Plant).

Preparing Exams for Scoring:  Faculty need to have a few things done before bringing a set of
exams over for scoring.

     1. Prepare a key for each form/version using a number 2 pencil.  Erase unwanted marks completely.
     The scanner will only read one answer per item. It would be beneficial to the scanning process if
     each instructor fills in the bubbles spelling his/her last name in the Name area of your key.
     2. Check to see that all the test sheets are turned facing the same direction.
     3.  Please use a colored sheet of paper between sections/versions.  Never staple the sheets.  The
     scanner may not read sheets with pin holes.
     4.  Five-response and ten-response test sheets cannot be mixed in either a single batch of tests or
     combined forms/versions (e.g., if you have four versions of an exam, and request combined statistics,
     all sheets must be either Five- or Ten-Response).
     5.  Fill out a Job Check-In Sheet and include with test sheets.  Check-In Sheets are on a shelf to the
     left side of the door.
     6.  Place test sheets in an envelope.  When available, envelopes will be provided.
     Important Instructions to Students:  Remind students each time a test is administered to be
     careful of five things:
          1.  Use only a number 2 lead pencil.
          2. Students must fill out their name and student ID. The Student ID must be entered in the
          Identification field.
          3.  Fill the mark zone (bubble) completely.
          4.  Erase unwanted marks completely. 
          5.  Make no stray marks on the test scoring sheet.
          6.  Be careful with the edges of the sheets (torn or wrinkled sheets cannot be fed into the scanner.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Examinations for Scoring:  The drop-off and pick-up location for
Exam Services is in Room 007 of the Innovative Technology and Teaching Center (ITTC).  Exams
may be dropped off during the ITTC building hours and picked up between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday. For after hours drop off, there is a drop box located to the right of the
entrance door (in ITTC ground floor hallway), which will be checked daily at 8:00 a.m. There is a
supply of Check-In Sheets provided along with envelopes.

As a best-effort, tests dropped off before noon (Monday - Friday) are usually processed and
returned the same day. Exams dropped off after noon are usually processed and returned the
following day. During busy times, please allow up to 24 hours to complete scoring.

NOTE:  We are very conscious of security when dealing with examinations.  Staff are instructed to
return examinations only to the faculty member or the bearer of a signed note from the faculty
member authorizing pick-up.  We have also implemented a semester permission slip in which the
faculty member will specify certain person(s) to pick up exams for an entire semester.  We keep the
permanent slip on file for the specified semester, and keep a list posted for convenience.  Also,
please do not be insulted if you are asked for identification.  Our staff will not know all the faculty

Contact Person: If you should have any questions, please contact Dawn Larsen between the hours
of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in Room 007 of the Innovative Technology and Teaching Center (ITTC), or
by phone at 273-EXAM (3-3926), or Email at